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Incert’s depth of experience extends well beyond building application assessments.  We have a proven track record of assisting clients with our knowledge of building and fire safety legislation across the following areas.


  • Pre-Application Lodgement:  Many Architects and Developers have learned the benefit of involving the project Building Certifier early in the design development process.  Incert can assist by identifying building code compliance issues early in the concept or schematic design phases.  This ensures documentation proceeding to tender has a reduced risk of subsequent contract variations arising out of re-design to meet code compliance.  Building application and approval times can be reduced.


  • Due Diligence:  The purchase of commercial premises can present a range of risks.  Incert can assist in risk reduction by undertaking a full review of council building records, understanding your proposed end usage needs for the premises and providing a report identifying any ‘latent’ conditions in terms of outstanding or absent approvals and what further building approvals may be required for your use of the premises.


  • Existing Building Audits:  Incert can provide a gap analysis for existing building stock against current building code requirements.  This can assist asset owners and managers to understand where potential liabilities may lie, or to guide refurbishment decisions intent on upgrading buildings to keep pace with contemporary building code requirements.


  • Childcare Assessments:  The licensing of most premises to provide childcare services is regulated by the Queensland Government through the Department of Education and Training, Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC).  Existing buildings being converted to provide a new Care Service or new buildings being constructed specifically for the provision of Care Services and premises providing Outside School Hours Care are required to meet minimum standards under the legislation administered by ECEC.  Incert can undertake compliance audit inspections and issue compliance reports to assist with obtaining licencing through ECEC.


  • Aged Care Assessments:  Aged care premises operating prior to 1 June 2007 must comply with Chapter 7A of the Building Act 1975 and Part MP 2.3 of the Queensland Development Code (the ‘fire safety standard’).  As Building Certifiers, Incert is a residential care building assessor under the Act and can lawfully undertake assessments and issue RCB assessment reports against the fire safety standard.


  • General Building Code Advice:  Are you thinking of undertaking a residential or commercial building development but not sure about some of the fundamental building code matters?  Incert can assist by providing concept planning advice about things like building siting, heights and site cover, disability access, exit requirements and required fire safety systems.

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